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“Gabriel’s course proved to be extremely helpful and efficient. No longer am lost in a seemingly endless universe of foreign noises! His sound map is a concise and precise tool that enables me to target just the right sounds. I cannot stress enough the benefits of having a clear idea of how a word is supposed to sound. Gabriel’s approach eliminates the uncertainty about what you should do to sound" native."

Sergey Kolesov

Gabriel has been training me to reduce my Argentinian accent and and I can’t be happier! He has a very particular technique that is very clear and helps me recognize the American sounds. He’s very specific and doesn’t forgive me not even a word mispronounced during his classes which makes me aware of the things I can fix. I can tell he really loves what he does and that motivates me even more!

Eva De Dominici 

"Gabriel really helped me pinpoint the specific details that I should be focusing on. Often what seems to be minor details can make or break a correct accent, so the session made a profound impact on how I plan to improve further. Gabriel also created a very efficient system that demystifies the process of accent perfection, the system is very easy to follow and I would recommend to all my friends who are looking to sound better and feel better."

Roy Ma

"Gabriel's effective accent reduction method has allowed me to achieve my goal in a short time frame. I was less frequently asked to repeat myself. It 's like magic! he will teach you an ingenious method! Gabriel’s comprehensive accent reduction method will help you confidently pronounce words and quickly increase your ability to speak with fluidity . It changes your life!"

Amir Goudarzi

“Gabriel is an incredible accent teacher. He has his own technique and all I can say is that it REALLY works.  He is detail oriented he has a superman ear, he is very good at explaining what is the mistake you are making and how you can correct it, giving precise exercises and techniques to fix it. I have people asking me if I moved to the States when I was 5 when in reality I moved here less than a year ago!  Can’t beat that! A part from his professionalism, he is kind, funny, flexible. I totally recommend him!”

Olivia Biffot

“I’ve been looking for a teacher that would make accent reduction classes fun, easy to learn and enjoyable. When I found Gabriel, I realized he fulfilled all those aspects for me. His technique is one of the best I have learned. He’s kind, funny, patient, understanding and most important, he pays attention to your needs. My accent has been improved drastically with this course. Even my friends and family can tell the difference. I recommend Gabriel’s course with all my heart!" 

Elor De Mayo


"Gabriel is an amazing teacher. His sound target technique is helping me a lot reducing my native accent and is giving me more confidence. I definitely recommend his courses and his method!

Marco Carmona

"Gabriel’s Target Sound Technique is so practical and easy to understand, and after practicing it for a while everything fell into the right place for me. Moreover, as an actress it’s great to have a dialect couch who understands the profession and it’s needs as they are right now. He keeps challenging me and pushing me forward. Highly recommended!"

Shira Gross

"I have been practicing accent reduction with Gabriel since last July and I am really happy with my progress. Gabriel has a unique technique to reduce the accent and I personally believe that it's helping a lot. I have to say Gabriel is a perfectionist and very funny. Highly recommended!"

Andrea Arnett

“I have taken accent reduction with a few teachers and Gabriel is by far the best accent reduction teacher I have had. His technique is very practical and based on principles of how singing is taught. It has been very effective for me. It also helps that he is a very friendly and a nice person!"

Ash Kadian

“ My progress over the past month has been terrific! Gabriel’s unique methodology is straightforward and effective. Thanks to Gabriel, I was able to understand (and *hear*) the mistakes I’ve been making for many years My friends and colleagues have been asking fewer “What did you say?” questions and as I went to networking functions, I was not asked where I was from, which was a sign to me that people did not hear my Eastern European accent. Thanks, Gabriel, you are awesome!”

Lesya Pishchevskaya